So much more changed than my body during my program! The last last three weeks in particular brought me to a new place of mindfulness and mental growth. And while I live in a first world country in which our culture encourages us to run from all discomfort by offering a plethora of mind numbing vices such as media, food, pain meds, alcohol, etc there was so much value for me in making peace with being uncomfortable (yes, once again) and when I finally just “sat with it” I grew. I must emphasize however…I needed to be coached to get there!

So this all started as a bucket-list challenge, for a working Mommy of four to fit into a sparkly bikini, but instead, I am moving forward with a stronger soul.

-Erin Brzykcy, 2016 (3rd place masters 35, Patriots)

“I needed to be coached to get there!”

“My name is Sandy, I started competing in 2015. I picked my first show at the San Francisco Championships in October. I received 4th place in my open class. I loved it so much I decided to do a back to back show and appear in the Sacramento show in November. Although I did not place as well, receiving 12th place in my class it was an overall great experience competing next to my teammates and both coaches! The journey is my favorite part! Seeing the changes every week, and knowing the hard work you put in is worth it!”

-Sandy Nunez, 2016

“The journey is my favorite part!”