Well, the holidays are upon us! This is such a fun time of year but yet can also cause stress when we are trying to maintain a healthy diet. There is temptation all around us. Here are some tips I use to maintain my wait and figure from Thanksgiving to New Years.

The days leading up to the holiday be sure to be on point with your diet and training. Think of the holiday as you would any anticipated “cheat meal”. They are beneficial when earned and your body needs it. Save any temptation in the days leading up to it for the real deal!

1)STAY ACTIVE! Even on the actual holiday. If your planning on a big feast with family and friends, try to go for either a run in the morning or get a good work out in if your gym is open. On the actual holidays, I like to do about 40 minutes of fasted cardio out doors. Not only is it great for our peace of minds but also allows us to enjoy some yummy food later. Work out the day AFTER! Really try to get out and do exercise the day after a big feast! You may feel sluggish and want to lay around all day and continue the feast…but don’t. Try to do 40 mins cardio
( fasted is ideal the day after) and weight training like legs is great for scorching calories and utilizing all those carbs!

2) Try to find healthy choices or alternatives. I like to load up on veggies and go for the proteins. I know I will be eating a fare share of cookies, pies, and chocolates so I don’t even bother with breads and carb sides. Pick and choose. Try to eyeball your portions as you have been weighing on any normal prep day. Try not to bust out your scale or measuring cups with 30 friends and family around. It is a little weird and just relax.

3) tasty comfort alternatives: There are many dishes we can cook to mimic a traditional comfort food.
– spaghetti squash is great for those wanting that spaghetti dish! I love using a marinara sauce and adding extra lean ground beef and reducing it to a thick sauce. I top that over the the spaghetti squash and it is delicious!

-protein and oat pancakes

-I bake a lot of baked goods using pumpkin pure. You can’t taste it and it replaces oil or butter leaving the breads and muffins moist!

-cocktails: try to avoid egg nog and other heavy alcohols. Try to stick to wines, champagnes, and vodka, soda with lime ( my personal favorite).

4) stay motivated! Don’t get discouraged if you gain a couple pounds. If you do gain a little…own it and lets get right back on track. Try to be mindful of what you eat and always remember this golden rule. There are checks and balances. If you over indulge, you will probably have to do some extra cardio that week and be more strict on your diet. Don’t take too much time off of your exercise schedule. Even on the holidays or on vacation, I stay on track. Keep moving and stay active.

5) Plan a head with meals and snacks. Stock up on quest bars and other healthy meal alternatives so you are not caught hungry and eating all the Christmas cookies in the back office.

6) Enjoy your self and those you love. Learn to balance a clean diet with traditional favorites. This is truly the key that allows us to diet or lead a healthy lifestyle long term!

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