I am a firm believer in enjoying holidays with friends and family even if your on prep or dieting. Just because we have limitations doesn’t mean we have to miss out. There are diet friendly alternatives to most classic dishes and i have enjoyed these over the years.

My Christmas spread will include:


Hummus filled deviled eggs

Veggie platter with tzazkiki sauce

Dinner menu:

Rosemary and Garlic filet mignon

Spiced butter nut squash

Roasted parsnips

Cauliflower mash


Protein brownie cups a la mode

Lets get started!

Starting with the appetizers, it’s so simple. Simply buy your favorite hummus and hard boil as many eggs as you will need. Once you slice each hard boiled egg in half, remove the yolk and fill with hummus. You can sprinkle a little chili powered and chives on top for a garnish.

Veggie platters are other ways to bring guilt free foods to fill up on and allow for social snacking with out the calorie punch!


Spiced butter nut squash: I buy pre cubed squash for ease. Get a large bowl and add squash, dash of salt and pepper to taste. I love adding cinnamon too! This dish replaces the classic baked yam dish with a fraction of the carbs! Bake at 375 degrees for about 20-25 mins or util they are soft in the middle and slightly browned and crunchy on the out side.

Roasted parsnips: these rooted vegetables are similar to carrots but have a taste and texture more like potatoes! They are much lower in calorie and carbohydrates then your classic potato dish would be. I simply slice parsnips into about 1/4 thick wheels and place over a baking sheet. Be sure to spray the parsnips with spray oil or drizzle a little olive oil over to avoid sticking and to make them a little more crunchy. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can add other seasonings such as garlic and rosemary for example too. Bake at 375 degrees with your butter nut squash for about 25 mins. You want the parsnips to be soft and golden brown.

Cauliflower mash: this is a favorite and my daughter even loves this too! You will want to get about 2 whole heads of cauliflower and remove center stem. Break entire head into small pieces and steam ( you will want a large pot) until you can poke through with a fork. Remove cauliflower and drain water from pot. Place cauliflower back into the pot and start mashing into a mashed potato consistency. You can add a dash of milk to make a little more creamy but be careful of adding too much liquid for it can make the mash runny. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can serve as is or even make a twice baked version by smoothing mash over a glass Pyrex and baking a little longer (this is also good if there is still liquid in the mash).

Filet mignon: we like it simple with either a rub or salt and pepper. You can also add some garlic and rosemary. We like to BBQ the steaks or you can roast it in the oven. Use a meat thermometer to assure it is cooked properly.


G butter brownie a la mode: so easy and so healthy! This low calorie spread is high in protein and will blow your mind. I get 2 table spoons of any flavor and place in a mug or small dish. Simply microwave for 30 seconds and let cool. Place a couple spoon fulls of halo top protein ice cream on top. So good and easy!

I have made these dishes for other holidays and they fit right in with other classic dishes if your attending a pot luck style holiday like ours. This allows you to have healthy alternatives to traditional high calorie meals and keeps your diet on track.

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