My Healthy Holiday Menu

I am a firm believer in enjoying holidays with friends and family even if your on prep or dieting. Just because we have limitations doesn't mean we have to miss out. There are diet friendly alternatives to most classic dishes and i have enjoyed these over the years. My Christmas spread will include: Appetizers: Hummus … Continue reading My Healthy Holiday Menu

Healthy low carb pumpkin muffins

Super easy and guilt free! I love snacking and especially baked goods. This snack is so healthy and light that you can have it anytime and fulfills that muffin/ bread craving. Macros per muffin: (makes 12) Calories: 62.5 Protein: 10.5 gr Carb: 1.7 gr Fiber: 1 gr Fat: 1.6 gr Ingredients: 4 scoops whey (I … Continue reading Healthy low carb pumpkin muffins